Coordinated the scientific bodies in the blockades of the farmers against the Government

A chain reaction with the creation of a front against the Government is causing the insurance. So a delegation of scientists and professionals today are moving in the blockades of the farmers in order to coordinate their action.
The scientific bodies of the Country with a joint Press release to announce the initiative.
Technical Chamber Of Greece Economic Chamber Of Greece, Geotechnical Chamber Of Greece, The Plenum Of Bar Associations Of Greece, Bar Association Of Athens, Panhellenic Medical Association, Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association, The Hellenic Dental Federation, A Coordination Committee Of Notarial Associations, Chamber Of Notaries Of Athens, Federation Of Bailiffs, Panhellenic Veterinary Association, Pan-Hellenic Association Of Physiotherapists, Association Of Greek Chemists, Association Of Insurance Ombudsmen Of Greece, Association Of Greek Geologists, Association Of Dieticians Nutritionists Of Greece, Hellenic Association Of Tax Consultants Self-Employed
29 January 2016
A delegation of scientists and members of the professions today in the blockades of the farmers for coordination of action
Joint meeting of the Coordination of Scientific Institutions and professions of the country will be held today with the Farmers who are at the roadblock of the Castle and the blocking of Fthiotida for the coordination of the fight against the Government’s plan for health Insurance. The delegation of the bodies of the scientists participating doctors, lawyers, engineers, notaries and economists.