Contrast between government and SYRIZA for “astacockarava” Kasselakis

The confrontation between government and government representative D and the president of Syriza, for his business activities continues. Paul Marinakis returns with a new statement about the “astacockarava” that Stefanos Kasselakis has in the US and asks the president of Syriza for his business activities, how many are and which are. “SYRIZA’s president continues to whistle indifferently about his business activities, refusing to reveal exactly what they are,” says in a statement by the Deputy Minister in spite of Prime Minister and Government Representative Paul Marinakis, in a fight that has broken out after reports about the companies of the President of SYRIZA abroad, but also in the Novartis case. Paul Marinakis’ statement reads: “The president of Syriza continues to whistle indifferently about his business activities, refusing to reveal exactly who they are. Unfailingly he chants vagueities and throws mud through leaks, answering issues that are not put to him rather than the truly relentless questions raised. As long as Mr. Kasselakis throws the ball on the platform, he’s exposed. From “the name Stefano” of last September, it only took six months to reach “my name is Rizzo and as I want to turn them around”. We call on him again to answer himself, “indirectly” as he likes to say, to specific questions that arise: How many and which companies does the leader of SYRIZA finally have abroad? What exactly are Mr. Kasselakis’ business activities? Does he know, as he ought to, what does the law passed by the party government that is now president provide? We’ll wait. Let him do it – even through Tik Tok, since he does not respond with the informal updates of SYRIZA, but chooses the evasion. It is notable that in his informal briefing, Syriza chooses not to say a word about the other part of the questions we raised about the “para-systems” that operated at the Maximos mansion during the days of Mr. Tsipras – as his ministers now confess. This silence means guilt or emptying, or possibly both.” “Jackies raised with lobsters” By SYRIZA they mention unprofessional fireplaces that grew up with lobsters and the panic of the government and Paul Marinakis. As noted, “Why is it so much panic by government representative Paul Marinakis and the Maximus Mansion? Is it because the president of SYRIZA – PS Stefanos Kasselakis has already gathered many stamps from the market in competitive fields, as opposed to various unprofessional fireplaces that grew up with… lobsters and more when they run cover up crimes? I think Mr Greenberg is seeing some new rolling measurements that we all see. Note: Thank you for admitting that Stefanos Kasselakis knows how to do Tik Tok better than Kyriakos Mitsotakis”.

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