Construction of Microsoft Data Center in Spata

In the context of the strategic investment implemented by Greece, the progress towards the construction of the Data Center began with the presentation of an integrated cooperation programme with the Municipality of Spata to support the local community in the fields of Education, Labour and Culture. In an information meeting with representatives of the press, Microsoft’s CEO Greece, Cyprus and Malta, Janna Andronopoulou, spoke about the importance of building a relationship of trust with the Spata society for the company, aiming to create a targeted value added area since the construction of the Data Center. Cooperation with the Municipality of Spaton aims to highlight the great cultural and historical heritage of the region, create opportunities for its inhabitants and specify an ambitious future by investing through education, in the new generation attending the ten public schools in the region. EDUCATION In particular, the program provides students with access to the educational and educational game Minecraft Education in order to guide their teachers and teachers to “redesign” their city by applying environmentally sustainable principles. This collective exercise will compress with the start of work on Microsoft’s Data Center, which will, among other things, operate with a zero footprint on the environment, powered by 100% energy from renewable sources. WORK At the same time, Microsoft in collaboration with the Municipality Spaton – Artemis will offer residents of the area free learning and certification of modern digital skills, different levels, depending on the specific needs of the beneficiaries: From basic training to vulnerable population groups to more specialized training and certifications that open new business routes for beneficiaries. CULTURE As part of the preservation of local cultural heritage, Microsoft in collaboration with Istorima and Sofia Papaioannou’s co-founder launches the “cloud stories”. Recruiting young and young from the Spata region as local researchers who will highlight the stories of local community people. Already the first two researchers to introduce themselves to the journalistic public – Maria Kontakis and Resurrection Rebuscos – mentioned among others the rich stories of the place speaking about the Arvanites, vineyards and customs of the region, Regarding the start of work, Mrs Andronopoulou said proud that Microsoft opened the way for investment in digital infrastructure in Greece. He said that after the necessary period of maturation, the approval of the relevant studies, the issuance of the Presidential Decree and the permission for precursor work, the construction of the Data Center begins immediately. Mrs. Andronopoulou also spoke about the initiative “GRforGrowth 2.0 the AIera”, which is a development of “GrforGrowth” in which Microsoft Hellas has trained 60,000 people in new digital skills and has certified more than 20000. The second phase of the initiative continues to democratize opportunities to access digital education – with the look now on Artificial Intelligence. Already, in collaboration with ReGeneration Microsoft Hellas implements AI 360 School which trains and certifies for free 1000 people from all over the country with a view to direct employment of at least 50%. With equal representation of women and men, the program is aimed at individuals for the first time and 45+ with or without a STEM educational background and/or computer science. This is the country’s first and largest training/certification initiative in artificial intelligence. The GRforGrowth 2.0 the AIera will focus on three pillars: Learning, work and innovation, with actions and partnerships that will contribute to the emergence of an ecosystem of people, businesses and organizations that will make the promise of Artificial Intelligence in Greece a reality. The CEO of Microsoft Greece, Cyprus and Malta, Mrs Gianna Andronopoulou, said: “In Microsoft Greece we are now triple happy and proud. First, because with the start of the construction of the Data Center in Spata, we open the way for the country to become a regional hub for digital data and send the message that Greece is an ideal destination for investment in digital infrastructure. The Data Center democratizes technology even more by allowing every business and organization access to fast, safe and financial cloud services, depending on its needs. Secondly, because we are launching a new example of cooperation with local society, acting not only as an accelerator of its digital transition but also as a companion to its historical journey. Finally, because Microsoft’s technological excellence in artificial intelligence allows us to multiply the impact of our initiatives and provide even more opportunities for people, businesses and organizations to achieve more with the help of technology.” Mayor Spaton – Artemis, Mr. Dimitris Markou and journalist Sofia Papaioannou, co-founder of Istorima, also spoke at the information event. The Deputy Regional Commissioner of Attica, Mrs Christina Kefalogiannis, addressed her greeting. SOURCE: RES-BE