Condolences ” to the Egyptian President for the airline tragedy

    Condolences for the plane incident with the aircraft of Egyptair… expressed by the prime minister Alexis Tsipras for the egyptian president Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi.
    In the communication he had with the prime minister, Al-Sisi assured him that Greece is ready to contribute by any means and to cooperate with Egypt in order to investigate the causes of this case.
    The first day of the investigation was concluded without a result for the aircraft of the flight MS804 of EgyptAir, which disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean in the morning of the Fifth, while flying from Paris to Cairo.
    Late in the afternoon of Thursday two objects of orange color were detected at a distance of 200 – 230 miles southeast of Crete, within the FIR of Egypt, egyptian aircraft involved in the investigations for the identification of the AirBus 320. The two plastic pieces were considered to be either life jackets, or pieces of rubber “slides” used in cases of emergency and have been identified in an area 50 miles southeast of the point where the pattern was lost of the aircraft. But later it turned out that the findings had nothing to do with the aircraft of EgyptAir, and it wasn’t even debris from another plane.
    No one knows, so far, if it is a terrorist attack or technical failure if the scenario of a terrorist attack was considered as the predominant.
    The minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt reported that the crash of the aircraft is more likely to be due to an act of terrorism rather than a technical problem.
    From the side of the French researcher pointed out that there’s a strong possibility he was a suicide bomber in the aircraft of Egyptair.
    Moscow sees terrorism behind the crash, with the director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Μπορτνίκοφ, stating: “it Seems that this is a terrorist act, which resulted in the death of 66 people from 12 countries”.