Complaints about the involvement in the movement POLICE AGAINST TOLLS

William Henry Harrison Convention Ribbon, 1840
Image by Cornell University Library

(Title) According to telephone complaints by workers and trade unionists who participated in a joint meeting of trade centers and the Race Committee, at yesterday’s transit (5.29mm) from the toll Makrychori Larissa and after refusing to pay tolls, local traffic police investigator who was on the toll signaled to stop. The purpose of the audit was taking stoiicheion worker and transferred to the monitor toll, which followed the vehicle until the vehicle traffic in order to obtain driver details and to sign the document which the Highways Aegean have to prepare ekfvizoun to those who pay the tolls illegally. During the conversation with the police, the employee stated that it gives no details of the police and that after a meeting of trade centers in Chalkis prepared with the movement against the tolls which participated and the Race Committee, are required to described on field incident to the president of the union and the administration of the labor center to take action both against the supervisor of the toll and to overcome the duty of the police officer.
After a brief stoichomythia a policeman’s investigative traffic not again for the information of the driver who left despite the relatively short delay. As is known, no police authority is not involved in denied payment in any such case all the fighters of the movement must denounce directly “overzealous” police officers who become private security guards robbing companies income workers.

4/9/2010 COMMISSION RACE Thessaly


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