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Complaint reader: “The nurses αγγαρειο – μάχοι and Poligiros …a ghost town”

Dear Tromaktiko,
I happen to live on the day of the new Year and this. A relative of my face was taken to the hospital Polygyros new Year’s eve…
Day around 10: 00 I went and I’m from Thessaloniki. I’ve lived that I don’t wish it on anyone.
First (most striking) that require in medical clinic has been meeting the patient, in a space with people with respiratory pathological causes move people everywhere in the corridors, they come out that everyone wants, without masks, without any risk to their already sufferers to stick to anything that everyone carries.
In a room with 4 patients four escorts that can carry that virus, there is.
I was shocked when I heard it with my ears that there must be an attendant in the pathological with people with respiratory and other serious diseases.
I swallowed and quickly I realized why …..escorts clean patients, put the masks coming out of the patients and did a lot of work that is the work of the nurses.
Have out of every room check-engine light to alert you when it becomes red someone patients had a problem.Because I was there several hours, I saw dozens of times to the blahs and don’t appear to change the containers with the serum to put the thermometer because he was in pain, a patient like this happened many times because I was already pissed off to go to the room nurse, where I found one to talk on the phone one sleeping on the couch and one sitting in a chair .When I said that a lady without a chaperone has a problem and yelling, they looked at me like an alien who speaks and does not understand him.
I saw a lot of the escorts to do the same and I’ve heard them all complain about the rude and mexican behavior (lazy) nurses.
Appearances saved by a paramedic with a glass that ran, and a credit to the profession and his job as a paramedic tall that came 23.00 and was accessed by same style.
The evaluation of the public servants if it had been done in the pathological Destruction would have left 2-3 nurses, for whom I wondered if it was in a private clinic would do the same? If they were about to be fired or they’d just now it’s month in month out like that?
The justification, if sound is few, etc. are not convincing anyone, because now in many areas of the public and the security forces is going on, and there’s pride.
Top time when around 22.30, a little old lady with the sera in the hands asking for help, and I went I informed the νοσηλέυτριες and wrote why σχολούσαν and ξανααπευθύνθηκα in the evening, which came at 23.00 and the guy that I mention above solved it.
I sat around in 12 hours I saw 12 nurses and 2 worked and the rest did a chore I promised to αγγαρειομάχους that I’ll make it known in the national and uphold my promise.
The Health care system is diseased and all the Governments have cut money from the supreme good of human health with the result that thousands of συνέλληνες don’t have the care that befits all of them, their Rulers judge the story too .I wish to judge them as they deserve, and the God who sees us from up there.
I’m full of anger at what I saw in Polygyros and their dozens of escorts 40 patient about themselves escorts, they require the nurses to stay where they are carrying a bunch of germs and diseases in patients.
Other country is there in Thessaloniki is prohibited to relatives in the more escorts and go during visiting hours and they should protect their patients there in Polygyros has the supervision of the Ministry of Health and get dogs άλέστε it?
Finally on new year’s Eve a convenience store as a shop light and a couple of bakeries in the capital of the Prefecture of Chalkidiki……..ghost town …
The canteen of the Hospital Kolonaki ……..package of coffee 2 euro chips of 0.9 1.9 rox of 0.7 1.9 sandwiches the most simple 3 euro. I’m not talking about diapers, etc products in a space with patients, sick people and relatives of these. The best proof of the exploitation of people who are sick suffer and the relatives.
That they did to my Country ……where is the humanity, the decency? to?
I wish you all ONLY HEALTH and don’t need to be treated in the Pathological Destruction.

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