Common Exercise research -rescue France in Cyprus on Monday

International exercise Research-Rescue with the name “CYPFRA-05/15” will take place on Monday in the sea area southeast of Cyprus, within the area of responsibility of the…
The Republic of cyprus, with the participation of aeronautical forces of the Republic of Cyprus and France. According to a statement from the Ministry of Defence, the full coordination and operational control of the aviation media will take part in the exercise will have the Coordination Centre of search and Rescue (ΚΣΕΔ) Larnaca, in cooperation with the frigate “COURBET – F712” of the French Navy. Main purpose of the exercise, as mentioned, is the promotion of the level of education and the further development of cooperation and communication between the forces of the participating states, in order to minimize the reaction time and to increase the efficiency of the Research system-Rescue in cases of serious accidents on commercial, passenger ships or/and in cases of risk due to the migration flow of refugees from the Middle East. The scenario of the exercise relates to “Maritime Accident in Open Sea”. Therefore, the National Plan for Research-Rescue “ΝΕΑΡΧΟΣ” will be implemented by the ΚΣΕΔ Larnaca to address the incident. Specifically, the exercise will involve research, identification and rescue of shipwrecked people from the sea, medevac of injured in – patients (MEDEVAC Operations), as well as landings – απονηώσεις helicopters of the National Guard and the Squadron Air Operations on the French frigate. This exercise is the fifth scheduled cooperation, in 2015, in Research and Rescue between the forces of Cyprus and France.