Cleveland’s Campaign March Politics
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(Title) established a committee to “study and promote the protection of the Holy Mountain and other issues monastic state” Prime Minister went to better cooperation between the State and Mount Athos. The decision was published in yesterday’s Journal Gazette and down as chairman of the Committee thanks the Minister of State Pampouki while attending the Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas, the Deputy Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and the Marine Markos Bolaris, the governor of Mount Athos Aristos Kasmiroglou the Director of the Office of the Secretary of State John Lucifer and legal adviser to the Foreign Ministry Mikhail Apessos.

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Blaine-Cleveland Novelty Advertising Card, ca. 1884 Politics
Image by Cornell University Library

Grant-Colfax Campaign and Commemorative Items Politics
Image by Cornell University Library

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