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    (Title) Changes to the State based on the model applied in the private sector prepared by the Government, particularly on issues of wages, productivity, redundancy, and for transfer.
    The project will be implemented in the autumn, when it has completed the inventory of public officials.
    Then the ministries of Interior and Finance will have a full picture of wages, extra wages, level of education, ratings the seniority of officials in all ministries, local authorities and public legal entities.
    After the drastic reductions in benefits and wages, this year the government passed a second phase of expenditure cuts, as well as features called, is not can be permanently cut bonuses to gather primary budget spending.
    Besides, through the Memorandum undertaken specific commitments.
    In particular, the most painful operations to do with the removal of public officials.
    Fatal thousands of people contract term, and 100,000 more workers in private contracts for an indefinite period … risk. The management staff of OSE in view of privatization will be “pilot” for what will follow in the wider public sector. It should be noted that the Memorandum explicitly that Greece is obliged to carry out further staff cuts in government (beyond the requirement of an intake every five departures) in 2012 and 2013 to save 1.1 billion euro in two years. According to reports, the effort to reduce staff will begin a year earlier, since early 2011.

    But question arises to officials with permanent contracts under public law to be repealed by the Organic positions in public institutions, who will soon be … past. It is estimated that with the advent of the troika Monday to speed up procedures for the removal of hundreds of government agencies. The government has clarified that in such cases there is no constitutional bar on the ground that no longer apply their posts.
    The census officials aim is to create a single database with details of all officers in Treasury and the amount of regular salary and their allowances. The database managed by the Single Payment Authority. In that prepared the database the financial team will take in 2011 to establish a single salary. Within the scope of this new salary structure will be incorporated in the basic salary benefits they receive today the political officials of ministries, local authorities and public legal entities.
    The Memorandum on the single wage bill states: “The government will begin to last quarter of 2010 the process of creating a simplified pay system that covers basic wages and allowances. The system will cover all civil servants and will be part of a wider reform of human resource management. This should lead to a remuneration system that reflects the productivity and functions ».
    The inventory, which the officials would say whether they want a transfer, we draw conclusions about what services are overstaffed and which need strengthening. So this autumn expected wave of transfers, whether voluntarily or by … force. Initially in the transfer of services to staff redundancies would propose two or three positions. If they refuse, we transferred by decree by keeping the wages received in their post.

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