Combustion circuit: Luke’s key role – Over 30 members of the spiral

More and more new revelations come to light for which he had channelled to Attica dangerous. The inappropriate fuel ended up in the cars of unsuspecting drivers, causing them damage. With highly inappropriate and dangerous petrol, Attica was flooded by Aspropyrgos-based Aspropyrgos. It thus caused hundreds of car damage while filling its members’ pockets with millions of euros. According to the Economic Police investigation, the spiral had created three Sub-groups with two of them tasked with channeling adulterated fuel to the stations, while the third one was concerned with transporting ethyl alcohol to liquor stores. The revealing dialogues and the “dictionary” The members of the treacherous organization were at least 30, while one was the leader of all. The dialogue between them is revealing. – Chief Member: The drugs we’re throwing are for three, and we’ll have to wait for them to come from outside. So when are the drugs coming? – Chief Member: The drugs will be here on the 20th. Arrested people used codes and passwords in their communications. ‘Pharmako’ or ‘water’ said, either ethyl alcohol or alcohol. “Father” the leader of the organization, “magic” the person who knew how to distort fuel, while “hydraulic” was the supplier of ethyl alcohol. – Chief Member: Do I have some money to deliver at noon, get out of them and give you? All right, here I come – Chief Member: Price’s up. We proposed 3.2. – Chief Member: Over. From there, my boy, who has the water. -Member of Criminal Organization: Yes Luke’s key role in the spiral In order to be able to legalize chemical solvents the gang had created a front company in the area of Thebes. At the premises of this company were the materials needed to distort fuel while a key roll on this track played one of the arrested, known as Luke the Bulgarian. This person was of the chief member’s absolute trust and had the janitor’s roll to monitor if everything goes according to schedule. Member A: Come on, let me tell you. You be read, understand? – Member B: Yeah, he can’t find one. That’s it. How did the fuel and beverage tampering circuit work Basic parking in Attica of tankers carrying both chemical solvents and adulterated petrol were the company facilities in the region of Aspropyrgos. From there the inappropriate petrol resulted in at least six liquid fuel stations across the basin. Watch MEGA’s report: