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The “Maine” Well Remembered: Manila Captured August 13th, 1898 Politics
Image by Cornell University Library

(Title) the road are driven 50 employees (whose contract expired yesterday) that for a year covering key areas of running a series of welfare institutions, such as the Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind (KEAT). The Ministry of Health denied any proposal to ensure the employment rights of contracted work, hired a program contract with the Ministry of RRTC and welfare institutions, regardless of the dysanaplirota gaps created in welfare institutions, given the wave of mass retirement of permanent officials. Indeed, these workers led to unemployment, already facing huge problems of survival, and the last five months they worked without pay, without any commitment on when they will be paid!

In a press release circulated by the Association of Workers KEAT – 11 from the redundant workers were working in KEAT – stresses that such practices are flagrant violation of basic labor rights are generalized and the public sector for all categories of workers (permanent and contract) directly connected with the policy of dismantling whatever social services they have left. As reported, it is interesting that recently stopped even the modest public subsidy of KEAT for operating expenses, resulting directly threatened by a padlock. Operating expenses were given by KEAT Prefecture, which was eventually declared incompetent. The leadership of the Ministry of Health was committed before the summer to pass a provision in the first bill for operating expenses to be paid from the state budget. But the promises were meaningless.

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