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Tilden-Grant Novelty Advertising Cards, ca. 1876 Politics
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(Title) “I am a parent of a child with special needs. I get up every morning and do not know what to do. The structures of the Rehabilitation Institute of Development, where I send my child start to collapse because of staff shortages. In a wing with 15 children there is only one worker. Not enough for either simple storage. So let me tell the government what to do from now on my child. “With these words Mr. George Kasselouris describes the tragic situation that has come because of the indifference of the state, which is” deaf “against the danger shaken free air operation of both the Institute for Rehabilitation and Development of KEPEP “St. Demetrios in Thessaloniki.
workers in these institutions not only remains unpaid for eight months, but were informed by letters from the authorities of both institutions that contracts were not renewed until 2013, as provided by the European “progressive rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in social and economic life and promote living independently, under which they were recruited with procedures ASEP.
This program is implemented nationally by the Health Ministry and the first two years were funded by the European Union and the end of 2009 the fund took over the Greek government, which even did not renew their contracts.
“results of this deinstitutionalisation structures are taken to a close and severe cases of children with disabilities are deprived of care for people who care for them until now either be forced to return home or be driven to institutionalization. Moreover, problems encountered and their parents who are unable to work and keep at home children who need constant care, “says the lawyer for workers who remain unpaid, Efi end.
According to the same funding from the EU to implement the program amounted to 830.000 billion, of which EUR 340.000 million is for salaries of employees and a firm commitment to deinstitutionalisation structures operate with employees who were hired for this until 2013. Also, next week will be filed injunctions against the ministries of Interior, Finance and Health.

Dangerous operation for dangerous operation of KEPEP “Agios Dimitrios” refers to the representative of the Association of Parents and Guardians of the center, John Karakostanoglou. While stating that to work properly care structures in that site need 76 people but now employs only 40, called to care for 100 children. “We live daily with the stress and anxiety about how to cope”, said Mr Karakostanoglou.
Her personal experience and describes Mrs. Effie Vavilis, a nurse at KEPEP “Agios Dimitrios”. “I am a mother of two children and child care in my work as I saw the mother. What everyone must understand is that we merit to work. Not claim permanence. Since August we are on … air, without a job. Contacted all relevant ministries, but got no answer, “she explains.
Determined to fight to the end are the workers at the Institute of Developmental Rehabilitation. As the general secretary of the association, George Xanthopoulos, left only 40 workers for 200 children, thus closing the regional housing operating outside the Institute and threaten to close down wards in the internship.
“Had enough of promises . The Ministries of Finance, Interior and Health should stop our ride. We sent a letter even to the Prime Minister, but got no response, “Xanthopoulos says, adding that employees ask to be paid accrued and respect the five-year program of deinstitutionalisation.
Continue the program until 2013 and calls the worker at the Institute of Developmental Rehabilitation Tsifopoulou Chrysanthis, and the President of the Panhellenic Federation of Parents of Persons with Disabilities, Tasos Lagopoulos, notes that without the continuation of the program, the money should be returned to the European Union.

alienate children
Tragic characterizes the situation in the Rehabilitation Institute of Development Chairman of the Association of Parents Foundation Zafirios man. “The problem is large. Many parents send their children to the Institute. The administration again called on to prosecute some children who have grown up. But do not tell us where to go … The school year started with no buses to transport children, “notes Mr men. Alongside complains that “since the Institute was NPDD, gone worse. Beat doors and find all closed. The state must show sensitivity “.

By Nikoleta Buka

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