Coca-Cola HBC: Top performance in ESG ratings

The (HBC) gathers the highest scores and rankings in ten of the most recognized ESG ratings, achieving top performance recognized by 10 important ESG scorers, including (DJSI) and CDP. In December 2023, Coca-Cola HBC was once again declared the most viable company in the drink industry worldwide by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for 2023. This recognition is the seventh time the Group is ranked at the top and the 13th consecutive year among the top three performances. The Global Sustainability Yearbook for 2024 by S&P, which publishes the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, places Coca-Cola HBC at 1% of 9,400 companies in 62 branches, proving its global leadership in sustainable development. An important addition to Coca-Cola HBC’s list of achievements is the double “A” assessment by the CDP for its excellent performance in climate protection and water management. This improved assessment in relation to the previous year’s “A-” demonstrates the Group’s commitment to transparency and environmental leadership, as it is placed in a select group of companies worldwide that have achieved a corresponding high assessment by the CDP. These achievements mark important milestones in the Group’s sustainability journey to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2040, while emphasising its commitment to sustainable development through Mission 2025 and its strategic pillars: climate, packaging, water, raw materials, nutrition, people and society. In addition, ESG-level successes are important steps on this long route, with Coca-Cola HBC placing sustainable development and tackling global challenges at the heart of its strategy. Coca-Cola HBC Group CEO Zoran Bogdanovic said: “These achievements are the result of our clear vision and goals in terms of sustainability, our bold business mentality and our strong conviction that sustainability is a key lever for the development and value of our organization. We continue to invest in technology, innovation and synergies, but also try new solutions, as we continue to map our way towards sustainability. We are moving dynamically towards the sustainability objectives we have set, as we continue to open new horizons for a more sustainable future.” Consistent with the Group’s sustainable development strategy, Coca-Cola Three Epsilon implements major sustainability initiatives in Greece to achieve its zero carbon dioxide emissions target by 2040. In this direction, it is working intensively to reduce energy consumption and has achieved important objectives for the supply of electricity to its plants from 100% renewable sources, while over 65.5% of total energy is derived from renewable energy sources. At the same time, last year the company announced its goal of zero carbon dioxide emissions in the natural metal-water production plant S.A. by 2025. In addition, prioritizing the “Green Fleet” program, Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon uses electric forklifts in its factories, while also replacing its fleet with electric vehicles. At the same time, on this trip to minimize its carbon footprint, the company replaces its refrigerators on the market with high energy efficiency equipment. Recognizing the importance of proper water management, Coca-Cola Three Epsilon is committed to reducing water use in its productive processes and protecting water resources. In this context, it has advanced to install recycling and reuse water systems in its factories, and has set a target to reduce the water use index by 7.6% by 2025 with a baseline year in 2017. At the same time, Coca-Cola in Greece proceeds to technical interventions to save water in local communities where it operates, as well as information and awareness actions on the importance of the proper use of this valuable natural resource, through the “Zero Drop” programme. At the same time, Coca-Cola Three Epsilon is actively standing next to society, empowering the new generation, as well as boosting employment, through the free education program “Empowered”. As Coca-Cola HBC continues to pave the way for a more sustainable future, these distinctions for its performance in sustainability confirm the firm commitment of the company to creating a positive impact on the planet and people.