Coast Guard Corps: ‘Sailing’ the purchase of coastal patrol vessels P355

Up and down came in with the P355 Coastal Patrol Supply Program. According to a communication issued by the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, the manufacturer “Cantiere Navale Vittoria spa” was declared deductible, and even sanctions were imposed. In particular, the Hellenic Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard announced in 2023 the award of results for the supply of two coastal patrol vessels more than thirty meters long, with an option (option) up to an additional two coastal patrol vessels more than thirty metres long, to the manufacturer “Cantiere Navale Vittoria spa”. However, yesterday’s (p. 05.03.2024) announcement by the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy states that it did not accept the reasons and explanations of the company concerned, for the failure to attend for the signing of the contract and was therefore declared deductible from the award of the equipment program. Also, the relevant decision, which has been posted to the Transparency, explicitly states that ‘the imposition of penalties provided for in Article 203(4) of Law 4412/2016, as applicable […] for the participation of the contractor ‘CANTIERE NAVALE VITTORIA S.p.A’ in the tender procedure of No 12/2021, of the BANKA MONTE DEI PASCHI DI SIENA SPA, amounting to EUR six hundred thousand’. It is further clarified that ‘[citation needed], with the Bank ‘BANCA MONTE DEI PASCHI DI SIENA SPA’, and following the written notice, as referred to in No. No 0266321FD00010/11-11-2021 guarantee letter of participation, as amended and in force (subject 5 of the preamble to the present), to deposit the total amount of EUR 614,400,00 on the account held by the Ministry of Development and Investment”. source: