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{Title} waited in vain for funding from the General Secretariat for Sport actors Aquatics Thessaloniki to settle the debt, worth 440 000 euro to the gas company to “warm The two largest pools in the city, Poseidon and the National. On Monday, it was found that the provision is “cut” and the stock tanks enough for 1-2 days for more. Under the threat of “closure” of the pool and the interruption of business associations and citizens have already scheduled meetings of stakeholders in the aquatic Thessaloniki (Mylosis, Papaliou, Miteloudis, Smith, etc.) and coaches from several clubs.

Indeed, clubs are thinking of doing and rally to highlight the magnitude of the problem is huge for a long time.

The situation is no better in other pools the city (eg Naples, tuba), despite assurances from the head of C. GA that the problem will be resolved by the note of great economic difficulties.

Note that the Water Sports Centre, which are Poseidon and the National, where athletes exercised in 2500 and citizens, not yet appointed a Steering Committee and chairman Takis Afentoulidis have waived it … May!

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