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CLOSED indefinitely because of LACK OF DOCTORS OF THE Diabetes Clinic MAMATSEIOU HOSPITAL Kozani

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(Title) For more than a year closed the diabetic clinic of the Hospital of Kozani Mamatseiou thus have come to despair of the 6,000 patients who vainly seek medical frontida.Opos all ills County Public Hospital of Kozani, so the lock, which came in July 2009 in diabetic clinic, due to the shortage of medical staff. Besides the dramatic shortages of doctors are rooted problems “sub-clinical edge, such as pediatric cardiology, and which owe their primary function in the sacrifice of a doctor who has each.
The lack of doctors’ clinical pathological due to the closure of the surgery of diabetic Mamatseiou hospital, which is to be noted, was the only one operating in the border region of Western Macedonia. The diabetic clinic operated for almost twenty years in the Internal Medicine, having a record 5000-6000 diabetic patients. But ended last summer, when stripped completely abnormal clinical Mamatseiou hospital by doctors. With the departure of a physician from Mamatseio on July 20, 2009, the medical clinic was left with only three doctors, when even the old organizational chart for six specific physicians. Consequently, the two specialist diabetologist who were responsible for the operation of diabetic surgery “were taken” solely in clinical pathology, which operates literally to sacrifice the few doctors.

The same time equipped diabetic clinic closed and specialist diabetologist longer carry the duties of the physician’s medical clinic, without specialized knowledge to be exploited for the benefit of thousands of patients. The approximately 6,000 patients from throughout Western Macedonia, which kept tabs on Mamatseio hospital stay longer helpless, since only equipped diabetic clinic “lowered blinds. Most of them are “active patient”, that require regular monitoring and diabetes treatment. There are even special categories such as cancer patients suffering from both diabetes who require special treatment and therapy. It is typical that if someone requests an appointment at the diabetic clinic to refer diabetic outpatient clinic pathological.
Front of the impasse created by the same doctors at the hospital have repeatedly requested in writing, even on extrajudicial, recruiting doctors and imperative function of the diabetic surgery but received no response from the administration of the hospital. Indicative of indifference is that nobody was interested, although doctors have requested, to consult on a diabetic heart hospital in Thessaloniki, so that patients with diabetes can at least be addressed there.
Of course this is not enough since the aim is to re direct the diabetic clinic Mamatseiou Hospital of Kozani, which both need to have thousands of patients.
For thirteen months stagnant, there has been anything about the reopening of diabetic surgery. Last October, the then commander of the hospital Mamatseiou Kozani Panagiotis Bogiatzidis stated that “as they are recruiting physicians for medical clinic, will be released by two specialist diabetologist and pulled the diabetic clinic. Ten months after exactly the same now says the hospital administrator Kitsiou Nicholas, who when questioned said: “We will reopen soon become necessary to recruit doctors, medical clinic, so we can unleash the special diabetologist”.

Christos Vitta

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