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Clelia Ρένεση: “Why to be happy when the opposite put lights?”

Talking to the newspaper Market “and Odysseus Mitsopoulos for what reason I don’t celebrate Christmas…
“I don’t have any contact with Christmas. Rather you stepped on me you put me in a festive issue. Of course, no perk, for such are we now? First, it is wrong to celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th, and if one reads the story will understand the “why”. This is all a commercial reality. The only happy people in time for the holiday’s merchants. It’s a celebration of consumerism, period. Why to be happy when the opposite put my lights? I have all the time in my house.”
Finally, it reveals if the 2015 was a good year for her, saying: “Yes, I did a lot of work with yourself and the things you got in touch with the world went fine. I didn’t do anything cheap and anything under pressure. The biggest wish I do for all of us is to do one more step to freedom and light. To defeat our fears and to go forward. I wish all the Greeks and all the refugees to have a better day at all levels”.

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