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(Title) By order of the chief prosecutor of the Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki, Panagis Giannakis request a review of unfounded allegations against Tax Department made the alleged mastermind circuit illegal VAT refunds. Nick Kassimatis.

The operator already serving a prison sentence, said the judicial authorities that: At least 15 its tax, inspectors, heads of departments and officials of the Tax SDOE received large sums of money, setting up and even off shore companies to turn a blind eye to violations of business and not impose fines.

The Chief Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki commissioned the investigation by the Prosecutor Appeals Skiadaresis, while not impossible, after the pre-request the convening of sessions of the Appeal for the case to a special year-investigator.

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Jerome, having taken Fiona’s advice to heart, has landed himself in hot water with his company – and Fiona has to run for cover.

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Jerome thanks Fiona for finding him a new position, but his complaints about his new employer leave her cold.