Circuit of adulterated fuel and drink: The “papa”, the “magic” and the model – The revealing dialogues of the spiral

A 67-year-old ordained diacon, named “papas”, his immediate partner, a 65-year-old so-called “magician” and a 27-year-old, former model with participation in a reality show, is among his 20 arrested and alcoholic drinks destroyed by police in Western Attica. Twenty arrests were made by EL.A. in Western Attica where the illegal import of chemical products for fuel distortion, the trafficking of adulterated fuel, the illegal import of ethyl alcohol for the distortion of drinks was carried out. Six liquid fuel stations have been targeted by the prosecution authorities, while the customs duties for the state are estimated at 1.2 million euros. For the “dentalization” of the criminal organization, a targeted police operation took place at night on March 5th. During the operation, investigations were carried out at 6 wet fuel stations, a car park, 7 houses, 2 warehouses, a company producing disinfectants and wholesale chemicals for industrial use, a wholesale beverage company and 2 distilleries. From these investigations, they were found and seized: 85,265 litres of chemical solvents, 12,101 litres of unleaded petrol without legal documentation, 5,762 litres of ethyl alcohol, 746 litres of other alcoholic liquids, 12 J.C.E., of which 6 were employed, while 3 will be sent for laboratory examination to Criminal Investigation Directorate, 4 J.E. trucks, 2 tank vehicles, 4 shotguns, 8 mobile phones and 78.955 euros. The roles of the circuit The multi-member criminal organization that the financial police dismantled well hid its tracks. Everyone had their part. Among the 20 arrested is one. According to reports the 27-year-old was the leader’s right hand and had the role of sharing the solvents. She, however, speaks exclusively to MEGA denies the charges: “I haven’t done anything. I don’t know why I’m here. I worked there last month as a cashier. I am unjustly detained.” At the gas station where she worked last month in Lower Patissia the 27-year-old was arrested. She claims she has nothing to do with criminal organisation and is unjustly accused. The 27-year-old lawyer reported: “Police did their job, the moment they decided to raid happened to be my young principal’s shift. There’s nothing really linking her to the alleged criminal organization. She considers that she is wrongly four days in custody and we will provide the necessary explanations before Mrs. Interrogator and we are sure she will be released.” The chief criminal organization is reportedly a 62-year-old, who as he said has studied medicine in Bulgaria. After his studies in medicine, he became a minister in an Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria and when he was ordained he was a priest in London for 12 years. His main accomplice was a 65-year-old, born in Gaza, who was the expert on chemical solvent impurities. The dialogues of the circuit about the… “water” Characteristic is the dialogue of the members of the circuit revealed by MEGA about the distortion of fuel where they call ethyl alcohol, “water” slogans. – Yes, but you didn’t have gas to see if it was female. – She’s jealous that she doesn’t get pregnant. – Where did you put gas? – Yes, of course. – Did you put water in it? – Yeah, but now she’s not makin’ a baby here. They sent me pictures. Things aren’t right. Now tell me at 15 cubic to pour in half a cubic denatured ethyl alcohol or less? Instructions for fuel distortion MEGA reveals a dialogue between members of the multi-member spiral on fuel distortion -Luca can you take the “magic” because I forgot to tell him something? -Tell him. -If we put 20 cubics of this material and 10 cubic gasoline is okay? – 20 cubic feet of this material we’re making now? – 20 cubic meters to add 10 cubic gas. – Now I’ll ask him. As a key area for their activities they used a warehouse in Aspropyrgos, where both the amounts of ethyl alcohol and the amounts of chemical solvents and adulterated fuels ended. Watch MEGA’s report: Another 10 people are being sought for, which have already been identified, while the arrested are expected to pass the investigator’s threshold on Monday, March 11.

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