Cicnofifth 2024: What it is and what it symbolizes – Tips for proper baking

H is intertwined with eating meat, just before the strict fasting of the Great Four that officially starts from Clean Monday (18 March) and lasts until the Great Saturday, as on Easter Sunday the custom requires the traditional skewering of the obelia. Several have already been supplied coals, as grills are expected to get “fire” throughout the country, either in family gatherings or in taverns and restaurants, since chikna (i.e. tobacco from meat baking) is to fill the sky. But what does this day symbolize? According to the church tradition, we are going through the second week of the Triodio, called Meat or Meateater. However, given that the days Wednesday and Friday are considered to be fasting, Chiknofifth was established (by the words chikna – kapna and Thursday) to celebrate, eating meat, just before the Sunday of Apokreo, which is the last day of meat eating for believers in view of the great fasting. Consequently, the consumption of red meat, but also red wine, Tsiknopept, has a festive and symbolic character, as this color reminds us of the Easter and spiritual uplifting we have felt in our souls since the resurrection of the Lord. At the same time, from the evening of Tsiknofifth, the carnival events begin with Halloween activities throughout the country that peak on the Sunday of Tyrini (17 March), since the next day is Clean Monday. Patras’s patriotic carnival is also considered the most famous, as in addition to King Karnavalos, hundreds of chariots and crowds of carnivals and visitors in uniforms are expected to march, under band sounds. On the evening of Sunday (17 March) the sky is expected to be filled with fireworks from the closing ceremony and the burning of the carnaval on the pier of Agios Nikolaos. Customs and traditions in various locations of Greece Apart from the roasting of the meats of Tsiknopept, they also revive local customs and traditions in several parts of our country. In Thebes they represent the “Vlahish marriage” that begins with the marriage of two young people, continues with the marriage and ends the Pure Monday with the march of the bride’s gifts and the feast of co-parents. In the old town of Corfu are the Korfiatika Petegolitsa Petegoletsa, the petegulio as the Corfiots call it, is gossip and is part of the Corfiot Carnival. In Kozani there is the official opening of the Halloween in the main square, while the first lamp is also lit in one of the neighborhoods of the city. In the main square of Xanthi there are events such as “The Evening of Traditional Tastes”, where the Folklore Associations of the city offer dishes from various regions of Greece. In Serres large fires are lit, in which after baking the meat, they jump over them. In Komotini they burn a chicken that is to be eaten on the coming Sunday (the Apokreo). This day engaged couples exchange edible gifts. Practical advice for proper baking But let us also see some advice that you can follow to become a good cook and enjoy delicious dishes with your family. First, you should choose coals that in their packaging indicate it is 100% natural product. The odorless and ecological coals, which do not fly sparks and produce intense smoke, do not affect the taste of your food. Also, once you light the coals, you should wait a few minutes so that their appearance becomes grey (white ash), in order to limit the intense flame. At the same time, the grease of the grill plays a crucial role in the good cooking of the meats, since, previously, you have cleaned your grill thoroughly. Then, you can check whether it is the right temperature, placing your hand and a few centimeters above the grill. If you find your hand to be heated within 4-5 seconds, then heat intensity is considered moderate and therefore suitable to place meat on the grill. Also, marinating meats is a right choice to enhance their taste. At the same time, you should turn the meats with tweezers every 1 – 2 minutes in order to bake evenly and not lose moisture. In addition, you must purchase the appropriate tools for baking, such as gloves, pliers or even spatula. Finally, after finding that the meat has ‘rodo-red’, place it on a platter and leave it for ten minutes in order to ‘rest’. You will see for yourself that it will be more juicy and enjoyable, maintaining all its moisture and juices.