Christos Volikakis: Post with Saint Paisio for injustice after positive sample in doping control

The champion of cycling, was found positive in control that had taken place at the 2016 Olympic Games, with him making mention of injustice, in suspension with Saint Paisius. Christos Volikakis’ lawyer Anastasios Dougas made it clear from the first moment that the Greek cycling champion does not even know the essence of which they found him positive in doping control, 8 years after the 2016 Olympics. And he made a series of posts on the instagram, in the words of his lawyer, but also one with him, which reads: “Irregularity is a great sin. All sins are attenuating, injustice has not – it collects God’s wrath. Awesome!”. The Volikakis sample was reportedly negative in 2016 and positive in a re-check made this year.

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