Christos Koutras and Giannis Dsounos reveal why they almost got caught in the hands

They are called “Unfit” but far from it. The duo of Sky radio and television, and , were found guests of Gregory Arnautoglou on The 2Night Show. There, Christos Koutras and Giannis Dtsounos revealed that in the years they know each other and cooperate, once they have argued enough to get caught in the hands, but the occasion was not professional. “We went to get hold of ourselves. It was about a very personal matter, not professional. We’ve never fought about business. It was noon in the dressing room and it was something that had to be said and it wasn’t said… on a personal matter. We held hands and finished,” said Christos Koutras. “He is very strong, he has some hands like tanials,” commented Giannis Dtsanos when Gregory Arnautoglou asked him who he thought would win.

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