Christina Tmz: shock in the air with the new for Pantelis Pantelidis!”We have never said it on the air…”

    “We have never said it on the air…”…
    A few days before the annual memorial service for Pantelis Pantelidis, on the show La Biri Biri talked about all the latest developments on the controversy that has erupted between the family of the singer and the two συνεπιβάτιδες of the fatal jeep. During the debate, the conversation arrived at how they teach journalists the tragic news about the crash, that morning of 18 February of 2016. Christina Letterman described the shock of everyone, then in the air of the show, when they heard the bad news.
    “Children, I will not forget, we were in the air at the time it occurred the car accident. I’ll never forget the moment that it is the Stephanos Konstantinidis, reaches the cell phone of a message and do so… this move, terrified, and jumps out of the set! Go to commercial, we thought it was something… at That time he told us “guys, there’s a very serious car accident with Sade, and I don’t live Pantelis”. We have never said it on the air,” said Christina Letterman.