Christina Lambiris: I’m a silly grandmother up to where she doesn’t go

‘ TV for the moment is over, I don’t miss it” said Christina Lambiris met Happy Day’s camera at an event in the Municipality of Rafinas Pickermiou. The well-known journalist spoke of her involvement in politics and television. “For no reason would I believe a few years ago if they told me I would be Deputy Mayor and deal with politics. It had never crossed my mind. Never say never. It’s haunted me, I’ve said it and I’ve bathed it. They told me to do TV and I said never! TV for the time being is over, I don’t miss it.” In fact, when Christina Lambiris was asked about the statements that Nikos Mouratidis made against her, she was content to answer, avoiding the issue: “I’m a silly grandmother up where she doesn’t go”