Chile: Prisoner Stolen Police Gun and Open Fire · Global Voices

Three wounded are the account of the incredible incident that happened in, when he managed to get the cop’s gun that had her arrested and started shooting! It all happened outside a store in Santiago, Chile. 54-year-old Mariana Cea Oyarce had been arrested and outside Lo Valledor people and journalists had gathered. The 54-year-old was arrested on a… live connection and then everyone was surprised: as one of the police was trying to put her in the cage, she turned her hand, took his gun from the case and started shooting! The video document shows the time when the 54-year-old starts shooting and a second-year-old cop tries to get covered so she doesn’t get hurt. From the 54-year-old fire the police officer, a cameraman of the Chilevisión channel and an employee of Lo Valledor were injured. The woman was charged with attempted murder, possession, and theft and was taken to prison.