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Chardalias before small “journalists”: Friendship with Tsiodra and dreams with the corovirus (video)

In “Great Talks by Atraktos Kids” Nikos Chardalias was interviewed.The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, spoke about his daily life, his relationship with Sotiris Tsiodras and the dreams he sees with… corovirus. 
The young journalists asked him many questions, such as how every afternoon the EODY is informed, whether he has enough free time for his children and whether he is really “so strict” until “what time does he wake up?” Many times we become strict to protect others,” he said. Replying that he does not have as much time as he would like with his children, Nikos Chardalias also found an opportunity to stress: “You children give us strength and an incredibly good example of how much measures can be observed”.
“Delightful,” he described his interview, to the children of the Non-Governmental Organization “Araktos”.
Nikos Chardalias posted the video on social media and wrote:
“Where do you get power from?” “How good a friend of yours is Mr. Tsiodras?” “If you could change your job, what would you like to be?” Thank you very much Atraktos Kids for our Great Talks. Our meeting is a special experience.”
Watch his interview

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