Chaos images in Haiti after thousands of prisoners escaped: In an emergency the country

The poorest country in the western hemisphere, the , has been tested over the past several years by natural disasters (leveled in 2010 by 7 Richter), internal turbulence and has now been declared the Haitian capital Port-o- Prence had been paralyzed since yesterday (04.03.2024), the day after the state of emergency was declared by the de facto government, after the escape of thousands of prisoners after gang raids. Since last Thursday all-round gangs, which control much of the territory, including the capital, attack strategically important sites, in order to overthrow the government of disputed Prime Minister Ariel Henri. In power since 2021, this latter would theoretically abandon office in early February. Shotfire sounded again yesterday after noon in Port-o- Prence, where schools and banks did not open, they found journalists from the French Agency on the spot. On roads, residents had set up barricades with stones, branches of trees and other objects, as tension has reached the vertical. Few policemen were visible in the city. Unable to face violence the Haitian government declared yesterday A Sunday emergency situation in the area where the capital is managed for a ’72-hour period’, a measure ‘renewable’ and a night curfew. Haiti, remains plunged into a serious crisis, political, humanitarian and security, which deteriorated after President Jovenel Moise was killed in 2021. The political process is dead. The crisis took on a new dimension this weekend, as heavily armed thugs attacked two capital prisons while Prime Minister Henri was in Kenya. Over ten people were killed in these raids, while thousands of prisoners in Pénitencier National, the country’s largest prison, escaped. In the assessment of the head Haitian human rights organization, it is estimated that some 3,700 inmates escaped. Seventeen Colombians, who have been imprisoned for allegedly engaging in President Jovenell Moise’s murder in 2021, announced yesterday through a lawyer that they remain in prison. Gang members “waited at the entrance of the prison to execute them”, to render these “justice” for the president, Sondra McColins, the Colombian mercenaries’ lawyer, said to Colombian radio station Blu. Colombian criminalist added that they were transferred to a police station. Last Thursday, four police officers were killed and five others were injured in firefights in Port-o- Domestic and international airlines had suspended their flights in recent days, but they resumed them progressively. No cancellations were announced yesterday. According to the UN and NGOs, since the beginning of the year, violence has worsened by causing new violent displacements, beyond about 200,000 already recorded within a few months of UN agencies.