Chania: Reactions to the sacking of a student from a coffee shop in Koum Kapi – “It’s vengeful” says ELME

Or the student who worked in Kum Cappie in Chania continues to provoke reactions. Colleagues and friends are talking about a decision targeted and vengeful… The dismissal of the working student, it is not accidental, says ELME Chania in an announcement asking to return immediately to work. “We condemn the vindictive dismissal of an employee-student of the University of Crete, from a coffee shop in Koum Kapi. The dismissal took place a day after the intervention of the Food Association in the workplace, in order to declare the worker for the actual hours he is working,” says ELME Chania in an announcement. The relevant communication published by states: “The dismissal is not accidental. It is a working-student who had a trade union action and held a fighting stance at the workplace, claiming better working conditions. This operation fired my colleague because he dared to claim the obvious. He wants personnel who don’t react, don’t talk, don’t strike! On the contrary, it wants workers who tolerate the pressure and intensification of work unscathed in order for the company to make the maximum possible profit, with the backs of all governments that have regulated an anti-labour framework. My colleague’s dismissal is vindictive! He’s going to terrorize anyone who thinks to react! It won’t pass! Hands off any colleague who claims better working conditions! If they think we’re gonna sit around and watch a quiet fish in the workplace and watch our labor rights slaughtered, they’re deeply fooled. Workers’ struggles don’t get into the cast. The government has responsibility as the most characteristic way is revealed the future they have prepared for the new generation working together with studies to cope with costs for otherwise “public” and “free” Education. Hundreds of Polytechnic and ELMEPA students are forced to work in the food industry so that they can stay in our city and study. These workers are used by employers to beat up constituted labor rights. It is a challenge to be sacked a working-student in our City one day after passing the bill establishing private universities that will bring even greater degradation and commercialization of Higher Education. Revocation and return to work immediately!”.