Champions League Final: Barcelona – Naples 3-0 and Arsenal – Porto 1-0(4-2 penalty) for the “16” of the event

The rematch matches in his “16” between – Napoli and – Porto will judge two more tickets for the quarterfinals of the top intercollegiate event in Europe. The two Barcelona games – Napoli and Arsenal – Porto include Tuesday’s menu (12/03/24) for the “16” phase in the Champions League, with both matches having huge score interest. Barcelona after the 1-1 draw in Italy despite its many absences wants to win against Napoli in order to give the present to the quarterfinals of the event, for the first time since 2020. In London Arsenal defeated 1–0 by Porto away aims in front of her audience to do the overthrow and find herself in the next phase of the Champions League Watch LIVE their Champions League games from We recall that in the quarterfinals of the Champions League are Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germaine.

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