Chamos with Andrew Little and Natali Kakkava: You’re not invited to interrupt.

A particularly intense dialogue was held in the “air” of the Super Katerina show and the , on the occasion of the abuse of Anna Maria Velli. When Andreas Mikkava called Anna Maria Veli’s attitude abusive, Natali Kakkava reacted and broke out a fight. Andreas Mikroutsikos : Her friend hits with the engine. Did he get it? Indirectly this is the intention. What for? Because we dare ask about a matter she has created. Guys, this is abuse. Natali Kakkava : She did not create it herself. Andreas Little: Don’t get caught by a word. I’m speaking now, please. Natalie Kakkava : I am invited and I have the right to speak. Andreas Little: You’re not invited to interrupt me. I heard your opinion very well before you called it and developed it. If you can’t hear my point of view, it’s your business. What can I tell you guys? Godly slow, shame and respect. Thank you very much. Natali Kakkava : So, we are insolent.

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