CEO Clubs Greece Forum: Trust in the focus of high performance leadership

His Forum , which takes place twice a year, has evolved into an institution and point of reference for the business community in Greece due to their pioneering themes and the unique combination of theory and practice. On the basis of this tradition, the first Forum of 2024 will take place on 25 April at the welcoming site of the Vorre Museum on the theme “High Performance Leadership: A Matter of Trust”. With this Forum, CEO Clubs Greece invites participants – Greek CEOs and the administrative groups of their organizations – to redefine the bases and the classic models of leadership, focusing on the high yields that can only be achieved through the continuous cultivation of trust relations. In the process, the importance of trust and its evolution will be analysed at a time characterised by the development of artificial intelligence, the dimensions of the leader’s business culture and behavior, as well as the concept of self-management amid the stormy changes that take place locally and internationally. In keeping with the idea of co-creation which is a cornerstone of the actions of CEOCLUBS Greece, the Forum program consists of four parts and is structured to include views from different sides. The beginning will be made by Duncan Stevens, an international renowned speaker on Influence and Leadership, deepening the issue of high performance leadership leadership. Andy Atkins, Senior Vice President & Partner, Executive & Team Performance Practice Leader at BTS, will take the lead on BTS, which will analyse the importance of confidence in business space, while, in the third section, Dimitris Dimitriadis Futurist, Institute For Futures & Foreign Research. IFFR DAO will focus on the development of trust amid the effects of artificial intelligence. The Forum will be completed with a fourth section, which, in the usual practice of CEO ClubsGreece, will be given the floor to the members of the organization themselves to achieve the connection of theory to practice. Christina Alevizou, Managing Director Customer Experience, Fedex Express, Achilles Angelopoulos, CEO, Kyknos, Fotini Karageorgi, Partner and CEO, Giochi Preziosi, James Michalissis, Regional General Manager SEE, Bausch + Lomb, and Antonis Papagiananakopoulos, General Manager, Arval will discuss the application of the rules of trust in the everyday life of a CEO and their impact on the development of each organization. “ Trust in business is often considered an ideal that can hardly be implemented in practice, ” notes Mrs. Georgia Kartsani, Founder and Chairman of CEO Clubs Greece. “In this Forum with the help of our prominent speakers as well as the practical contribution of our members, we seek the diffusion of knowledge, the development of innovative practices and the cultivation of a community in which trust is an integral part of leadership and contributes decisively to achieving, high performances for organisations, their people and the whole of Greek society”