Cease a land declaring the Basque ETA

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    (Title)  cease-fire announced by the Basque separatist group ETA, in a video that gave the BBC. The organization says that it will conduct any more military actions in the campaign for autonomy for the Basque Country.

    As broadcast the BBC, ETA announced that it has taken this decision for several months . The organization will continue its struggle to achieve the goals of a “peaceful, democratic means” mentioned in the video. So far no official reaction from the Spanish government.

    The end of armed attacks by ETA, says today the site of the Basque newspaper Gara. But the newspaper did not make clear whether this is temporary or permanent ceasefire.

    The organization has declared a ceasefire twice so far, which left both times after a few months (last in 2006).

    The Spanish government remained “cautious and skeptical” according to the media in the country. The Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is “skeptical” about the announcement, said the website of the newspaper El Mundo, citing government sources. Mr Zapatero had confirmed in July that ETA had only one destiny: the unconditional surrender of weapons.

    According to the website of El Pais, counter-terrorism sources say the announcement does not contain ETA ‘or delivery of weapons, or of the violence

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