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CAUTION – TURN off the router at night – scientists ΠΡΟΕΙΔΟΠΟΙΟΥΝ…

Wireless connection, wi-fi, can’t imagine life without it…
You ought, however, to learn more about the radiation in which εκτίθεσθε almost around the clock.
Some scientists call it ,the Wi-Fi silent killer, and here is why.
That’s hurting us the Wi-Fi
Despite the many debates about the risks of radiation of mobile phones and their impact on the body is not fully understood for many. After everything we have heard we use these gadgets and wireless networks all the time! To understand how great the influence of these technologies on the human body, you’ll need a lot more time.
There are scientific studies about the peculiarities of electromagnetic waves and their effects on the human brain. Indeed, at the cellular level, there are changes that can slow the growth of plants and affect the activity of the human brain.
The people who work with Wi-Fi equipment have clear instructions for their safety, for reducing negative impacts τωνWi-Fi-waves in the body
How you can reduce the effects of WiFi.
Always turn off the router at night, or when not in use ,the Wi-Fi. Place the Wi-Fi-router to another location, if possible in the kitchen, and not in the children’s room or bedroom. This device must be in a room where people don’t visit it often. The indirect effects of the wireless network for your health ,and the health of your children: to spend more time outdoors, switch to an active way of life, instead of seeing news feeds to read the books on paper.
After about 30 years, we can finally understand what changes in the human body, is permanently located in the zone of action of electromagnetic waves . Headache, scattered attention, insomnia, constant fatigue – it is the cause of all these unpleasant conditions which could have the effect of the technology!