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(Title)  “improperly trying to be blown in any debate …” he said to reporters who had the illusion that they could make it speak. Gentle but relentless with their interlocutors, the
former secretary M. Christoforakos, Lady Catherine jackals, tired but determined to reach by the end staying firm in defense options line, count the words one by one. Watching the eyes of the people who were approaching, waving a black fan of
, dressed in an expensive gray suit linometaxo, stoically waited to open the door behind her and going for the third time in the conference hall of the House Committee of Inquiry to investigate the scandal of the “black funds” of the German giant.

The «frau Tsakalou” as some call it, the woman who knew a lot about life and the state of the once mighty man of Siemens Hellas, but and who entered and came to the office or on what was give and take and to whom send gifts, not saying a word. “The … Tsakalou party does not say anything to reporters, or their counsel allow me, “he answered when asked if he wishes to speak.

were preceded by the counsel of Mr. Al. Kougias a television show, who showed he had been confided that politicians from all parties have gone from the office of his former boss, a claim which itself denied the Commission gives to the “wrong version” and “personal conclusions” .

Until now the main Tsakalou appears not to know anything about bribes politicians and the only reports to the Commission of Inquiry into policy for those who were recorded in her diary, or contact with the cloth or Christofi Gifts like to send them. So it has been reported on his meetings with Ms. Dora Bakoyannis and Mr. G.

Alogoskoufis in ministerial offices, as well as to Mr. Doukas and has confirmed that the references in the log ( to telephone calls or reminders) to persons as “Samaras, Tsohatzopoulos, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Skandalidis, Liapis, Neighbor, Verelis’ concern actually known politicians. But there. As for Mr. Mandela Associate, who has acknowledged that the payment may Siemens by way of sponsorship election, said he was the only politician who recall visiting the office of M. Christoforakos. The question raised by the members of the committee is if they do not know what the lady Tsakalou politicians were beneficiaries of “black money” and how can something not made aware of many years was the “right hand” of Christoforakos. The answer to these objections are routine: “There syndioikousa. The once trusted the Christoforakos invited as a suspect on suspicion of complicity by prosecutors and Mr N. Ornerakis Athanasia Vlachos investigating the contracts at issue for which the relevant files pending muse two years in an investigative agencies.

However, it submitted a word for the content of the discussions have brought the ‘MR. Siemens », since, as stated, was not present. But the Selection Committee when asked if chrimatizontan what politicians and stated that he did not know it was not within the chamber.

Mrs. Tsakalou reportedly stated that all meetings were Christoforakos and managers company. A few days ago the Commission of Inquiry indicated as “syndioikiti” Christoforakos of the German successor at the helm of the company by Rudolf Fischer, and hinted that it “missed” the attention of some. Even the accused in accordance with antiparastasin concerned that threatened her life. “The time I was referring to Mr. Fisher (when he became CEO) and the secretary is the worst of my life. Been subjected to terrible, cold psychological war “filed and argued that the decision to collaborate with its parent Siemens research on the” black funds “of the company caused reactions in the subsidiary Siemens:« When I came back the principal (Fisher) told me that if Next time I go to the head we will pay with my life (has been granted police protection).

The dialogues – that “nailed” his successor Christoforakos
In its last submission to Last Thursday, when pressed by the “blue” MP Mr. Tzavara finally talk to persons payment may, insisted once again that we know, pointing directly to Mr Fiser.O fracas caused a sensation:

AIK.TSAKALOU “not directed me, sir, the gentleman who sat k.Christoforako.O for whom defend him dioikouse.Giati did not ask and you ask me;».

K. TZAVARAS: “I k.Christoforako course, we could not have him …».

AIK.TSAKALOU:” Why you could not; ».

K. TZAVARAS: Why do some eventually allowed him to leave Greece ».

AIK.TSAKALOU:” What some people? I; ».

K. TZAVARAS: Not that eseis.S …».

AIK.TSAKALOU: “There do not want to answer …».

K. TZAVARAS:” Mr. Fisher knew the names and not revealed; ».

AIK.TSAKALOU:” We know what we gnorize.Xero syndioikouse, kyrie.Sas said a phrase which, obviously, you do not katalavete.Sas I said, syndioikouse ».

K. TZAVARAS: The syndioikouse means nothing».

AIK.TSAKALOU: “It means nothing;».

TZAVARAS K.: “You know why? To tell you …».

AIK.TSAKALOU:” What say you, does not mean anything! ».

K. TZAVARAS: “First of all, your style can rasp bit …». AIK.TSAKALOU: Limarismeno, Mr ».

K. TZAVARAS:” … it should arrive here with respect. ” AIK.TSAKALOU “elsewhere need to turn your arrows».

K. TZAVARAS: “Why is democracy here, there is Siemens». AIK.TSAKALOU: “Oh, well I said it».

K. TZAVARAS: “Surely you know to whom to give the k.Christoforakos but refuse to reveal their names.”

AIK.TSAKALOU: “Too much wrong you do, do not kyrie.Ego runs the company».

TZAVARAS K.: “I am not convinced, however, that do wrong.”

AIK.TSAKALOU: “What can I say? You have your reasons, of course».

Nobody looked hard disk
The slow and unexplained omissions in the investigation of the case again came to light, this time in response to call it the main Tsakalou heights that the hard disk nd computer used by it on behalf of the century located in the heart Christoforakos still in place without him recover any The court archi.Malista k.Fiser, who has now moved to the Czech Republic appeared to be unaware tipota.Ton but the witness denied saying that the hard drive “was scanned from Debevoise and continued to have him too, why not using the k . Christoforakos RC (en: PC). what it contained;

«all correspondence, incoming and outgoing,” said the lady jackal, which is managed entirely.

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