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Caterina: new hospital with old and many problems

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Image by Cornell University Library

(Title) Under the administration plan, the move from old to new hospital will be completed Monday, September 6. At a press conference a few days ago the commander of the hospital said that after running the new hospital will start trying to find sponsors so that the new building to be equipped further. That the “good morning” … you is not only normal that there will be problems, but that will be covered if they wish and as different individuals!

As regards recruitment, the governor said ongoing tender for the coverage of seven doctors and approved by the ASEP 30 new nursing positions. The invitation to meet specific job will be released in 2010, with recruitment expected in 2011! Also, the Hospital of Katerini has asked for approval of 67 positions are seasonal staff, but so far no response from the third Health Region.

Noted that the protests made by physicians in the previous period, repeatedly reported in chronic shortages of medical staff, forcing those serving in this cover for hours on call, so as not to endanger public health. Currently serving on hospital doctors and 55 under the organizational structure are still needed 45 when the entire county has a population of over 150,000 residents in the summer doubled. Also, 130 positions are vacant nursing staff.

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