Carolina Jacqueline Kalyva: I got into an environment of evil but never regretted participating in Survivor

‘ After receiving threats, my psychotherapist should be well,” said . Carolina Jacqueline Kalyva was currently invited to the I Love Soo Ku show panel. Survivor’s former player was invited to comment on developments in this year’s reality survival cycle, and also revealed the threats she received after her return from Saint Dominico. “This year’s Survivor touched me, because I loved the fact that there are duels. It’s more competitive, fairer, I’d say. Yeah, it’s okay for the public to say what they think, but why take you out? Be the best racer,” Carolina Jacqueline Kalyva originally said. “It is a reality survival game, which means you see your everyday life through glass, how you live and how you share problems daily. But it won’t be the intrigue the number one issue,” adds former Survivor. “The main thing is racing, you fight to eat and survive. Then you also lay character,” noted Carolina Jacqueline Kalyva, answering a related question addressed to her by Betty Magyira. “When I got out of the game, the first week I received threats even for my life, there was a mess. It was a difficult track but it didn’t scare me, more shocked me,” he confessed immediately afterwards. “I entered an environment of evil but never regretted participating in Survivor, it will always be in my heart. I didn’t even regret things I said, my beliefs didn’t change. But my psychology changed, that my therapist should be well for a year now”, admits Carolina Jacqueline Kalyva, closing her statements.