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“Carnage” at the Olympic Stadium wood between GREEK AND INTERNATIONAL SERVOUS TRAGIKOTATES … We are talking about CONDITIONS indicate the level of “sport” …

Benjamin Harrison “Protection To American Labor” Handkerchief, ca. 1888 Politics
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(Title) around the world doing incredible events with punches, kicks, chairs and blood, three minutes before the end of the basketball game between Greece and Serbia. On the occasion of a row between Fotsis and Teontosits Park of the Olympic Stadium was converted into a ring. Awesome wood fell between two international teams, the referees finally stopped the game 2 ’40”before the end with the score 74-73 in favor of Greece, followed by the second half of deposits in the police!

The incidents started when the Fotsis diapliktistike Teontosits for a foul committed in the Serbian. The Panathinaikos basketball player asked to speak from the Olympic guards, who responded by hitting him in the face. The Fotsis the spat and then became a general conflict with the players of both teams to transform your floors into the ring.

The Schortsanitis chased the Cristich … who beat anyone who saw before him a Greek, while Bourousis who went to intervene accepted … chairs the Krisits, thus opening the head. Almost everyone involved in the riots, for two or three minutes fell merciless beating, the video appears to be protagonists in the tragic events Schortsanitis, Tsartsaris, Fotsis, Keseli, and Bielitsa Krsits. Some time when fans stormed on the court and also began to beat. Shortly after the police requested testimony from Bourousis and Cristich and it is remarkable that came urgently investigating Stadium to hear the case. Indeed, the tabling of the Serbs (and Krsits Teontosits) the police stopped the coach of the Serbian mission when departing from the Olympic Stadium.
Referees closed broad terms the scoresheet (“The match was interrupted due to a general conflict) without mentioning the names of players involved in the riots, but the FIBA requested video of the race is likely to be punished. The Acropolis Tournament is an international, conducted under the supervision of world federation and seems unlikely to avoid a penalty.
“Children who eat bread in Greece, create problems. We must not close our eyes to all that is happening. Some people from the top should look something up. There are Greek players with enough talent and some need to understand that they should give their money to children who do not deserve, “he said in the end Tsartsaris.
In the general loss of evening, we had the miscarriage Dusan Ivkovits with two consecutive Technical fouls nine minutes before the end while his team was leading the score to 60-57. Fluent in Greek as “Dounia” … stuck in the referee Chris Christodoulou: “You’re the worst person in the stadium. I believe in God and say, let the whistle and threatened by my players.” Immediately after amolise and a “good but not ashamed?” And expelled by the Greek referee will whistle and the World Championship.

Greece has entered the game as possible and prior to 13-5, but the Serbs have reduced the difference in the basket at 6 ‘, the National then slipped to 24-15, but decreased to 24-23 guests in the end of the first ten minutes. In the second period both teams alternated scoring the Serbs prior to the end of the half with 42 third-41.Sto Serbia took ten minutes ahead in the score, but the National has managed to reduce to 54-58. After elimination of the Ivkovits Greece took his head in scoring with 61-60 and then 74-73 when the game is.


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20-8 -2010

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Richard Dawkins on Australian Q & A panel, March 8th 2010.


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