Candid – Atletico Madrid 2-0: Juanmi scored two goals and Athletic Bilbao hopes for Champions League

Or he can’t find stability and this… pays. I lost for the “rochimplancos” at its headquarters (2–0), who is trying to hold onto the charge. Gradual “hit” for Simeone’s team from Juanmi goals, while Athletic Bilbao tries to win it, in battle for exit to the Champions League. Shock result for Atlético Madrid, as she suffered a painful defeat (2–0) at her headquarters—from the Urgos-Candith, as part of La Liga’s 28th race. Diego Simeone’s team was disappointing and lost three points, endangering winning fourth place in the score, when Athletic Bilbao tries to reach her (in -5 the Basques, with a match less). For their part, the hosts, who had Juanmi on a long day, who scored both goals, took a deep grade breath and strengthened their effort to avoid relegation. Earlier, Valencia with Hugo Duro’s goal in the 40th minute, after an assist from the former Olympiacos Ace, Serhi Kanos, managed to bend the vigorous Hetafe resistance and win the “Mestaya” 1–0. With this victory, the bats hope that they will eventually catch the “train” of participating in the European cups next season.