Canada: Makeleio in Ottawa – 6 dead in a home, among them 4 children

Two adults and four children were murdered in a house in a suburb of Ottawa. The massacre occurred late Wednesday night in the Barhaven suburb in Canada, according to police. “It’s obviously a horrible setting,” police chief Eric Stubbs told the CBC network without going into details of the conditions of the styrian crime. Police officers arrived at the scene around 11 p.m. Wednesday night (local time, Thursday’s 06:00 in Greece), after being notified that shots were fired. Canadian capital mayor Mark Satcliffe spoke of “one of the most shocking incidents of violence in our city’s history”, in his posting on social media. Police officers arrested a suspect being interrogated, while a wounded man has been hospitalized. Authorities have not released the evidence of the victims. Mass killings are rare in Canada. In December 2022 a man shot and killed five people in a suburb of Toronto, before falling dead from police fire. In September of that same year, a man had stabbed 11 people to death in Saskatchewan Province. The perpetrator died of a cocaine overdose shortly after his arrest.

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