Brunch to the students in the Special Store of new Vlora from the Region of Attica

Started the distribution of meals from the Region of Attica in…
cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity, in the school of the Special Branch of new Vlora (ΕΚΚΝΑ). Specifically, on Thursday, 10 December 2015, held the first distribution of meals in the school Store.
This is an initiative which helps to cover the food needs of the students in a period of οξυμένης economic crisis. Thanks to the immediate response of the Region of Αντιπεριφερειαρχών and the relevant departments, made possible the realization of this initiative. The Governor of the Attica region, Rena Δούρου, said that this is an “initiative which symbolizes the obvious, namely, the right of decent living and the right to learning of the students of the Store”.
The initiative was implemented after coordinated actions of the Office of the Regional Social Policy, Katerina Θανοπούλου as well as the services of the Ministry of Labour.

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