Brother-in-law Nikos Apostolopoulos: “It will be the wedding of the year”

For the year , he mentioned that he intends to climb the steps of the church very soon with his partner. Without a second thought, after voting for the bill allowing the marriage of same-sex couples, well-known fashion designer Nikos Apostolopoulos revealed that he would take the big step and exchange vows of eternal love with his partner. More typically, the designer spoke to the camera of “Mega Good morning” said to Saranti Mariettis: “The wedding of the year will be mine because I will marry, wear a white strawberry in a black striped pants, bow tie, tuxedo shirt and vest. My other half hasn’t decided what to wear to our wedding yet. Our marriage to my partner will take place at the end of June in Arta or Souli. I made the proposal on the plane to Hawaii. We were flying to Hawaii when I proposed. We were sitting first in champagne, it was amazing. Right now I’m in a phase of love, although we haven’t known each other very long. I like lightning love,” revealed Nikos Apostolopoulos. In reference to the marriage of Stephen Kasselakis and Tyler MacBeth, the well-known fashion designer said: “For their marriage to Tyler would fit a plum suit and Kasselakis would fit a white suit. Casselakis and Tyler’s house is an urban house, not like mine that’s luxurious. You can’t stay on a road that narrow, if I stayed there, I’d get a bump. How would I go out on the balcony naked?”.

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