Bright Demir: It would be nice to play with my son on TV.

“I would like to play with my son on television”, confessed . The beloved actress granted an exclusive interview to “Good morning”. In her participation in the MEGA series “The wreck” and Christina, the role played, was reported by Fotini Demiri. “I have a very beautiful period and I am very happy. Christina’s special, because she’s a giver who knows how to love. Leonidas Kakouris is a very good and beloved colleague.” This year her son made his television debut, which caused her excitement. “I was very moved when I saw my son on television, he was outstanding in a very difficult role. My son is going to play for some episodes in “Sail”, but we won’t have any common scenes. It would be very nice to play with my son on television, there will be chemistry,” he said. “My son does not live with us. We’re discussing some things, and together with his father, we’re giving him advice. With my husband, Harry Gregoropoulos, we don’t fit into everyday life. There are sometimes that only you exist, you may upset the other,” the actress concluded.

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