Breast milk: Do only good!

    The benefits of breast milk for the child’s body is priceless. Because not only nourishes the child, but he keeps it and a strong…
    The “magical power” of breast milk is due not only to nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals and vitamins. What really makes your milk “medicine” for your baby is and some other beneficial ingredients of the composition, which there is the possibility to built a laboratory. These ingredients fortify the child’s immune system: antibodies, which has created the agency for all of the infections that you have passed. This makes every sip of breast milk to look like a kind of “vaccine” that protects the child from infections, viruses and bacteria.As soon as you start breast-feeding the baby, starts to be shielded the agency of the against diseases and strengthen the immune system. Let’s see, though, how about this: The intestine, thanks to the great of surface, works in a way like a huge trap for viruses and germs. In order to protect, well, the intestine of each adult, has his own peculiar “local immune system”. Such protection is non-existent in the newborn, since the mucosa of the intestine is still very sensitive and not fully formed. So, various bacteria pass through the bowel in the body of the baby, cause diarrhea, and open the way to allergies. Breastfeeding is priceless, because:
    – The valuable proteins breast milk pass through the walls of the intestine, are assembled in the body and there develop their immunogenic properties.
    – The antibodies in breast milk strengthen the mucous membrane of the intestine. In particular, the antibodies of the type sIgA block a variety of allergens (such as, e.g., the proteins of cow’s milk), while those of the type IgG exterminate the viruses that cause infections in the intestine.
    – Breast milk delays the formation of allergen IgE.
    The more, the better
    The three-month nutrition exclusively with breast milk reduces to half the risk of developing chronic inflammation of the intestine.
    When the child is breast-feeding for a period of thirteen weeks, reduced frequency of diarrhea.
    The three month-τετράμηνος breast-feeding protects the child by the age of six years from the infections of the urinary tract, as it reduces up to 40% of the frequency of their occurrence. This is due to, among other things, that the breast milk stabilizes the flora of the intestine and so harmful bacteria don’t reach the urinary tract.
    Breastfeeding, and after the third month significantly reduces the risk of the boy to suffer from disorders of digestion.
    The children were fed in the first six months of life only breast milk have only a 50% chance of suffering from neurodermatitis (a skin condition that is due to psychological causes) and asthma.
    Some benefits still
    In addition to all these benefits of breastfeeding on the immune system of the baby’s diet with breast milk block and “mechanical” various viruses. So:
    – Children who are breastfed rarely “catches cold”, and they get bronchitis or pneumonia (infections that are transmitted by the infected droplets in the air). This is due to the fact that every sip of breast milk exerts a protective action on the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, which keeps away the viruses.
    – Breastfeeding reduces ear infections. Babies who are breast-feeding make more intense movements than those fed with milk from the bottle, so I have stronger muscles in the jaw, which with every sip that downloads the baby to open wide the eustachian tube of the ear (which connects the ear with the back part of the pharynx). So the middle ear is aerated, and this prevents inflammation.