Brazil: Armed Holds Hostages on Bus in Rio de Janeiro · Global Voices

In progress he is hostage on a bus in Rio de Janeiro in with an armed man holding at least 15 people in the vehicle. The bus has been immobilized at a central intercity bus station in Rio de Janeiro and the area has been ruled out by men of police experts in Brazil, while special negotiators are trying to communicate with the perpetrator. “A man shot two people and holds hostages on a bus at Novo Rio station,” a police spokesman said, filling in that the wounded were hospitalized. Pictures broadcast by the GloboNews network record the police operation online at Rio de Janeiro station from which buses to other Brazilian states depart.’ “A man pulled out a gun, started shooting and got on the bus. I have two friends on this bus. We are desperate, we do not know what will happen,” said an eyewitness on the channel microphone.