BRAVO! This flight attendant will move your heart with what he did

In the difficult times in which we live now, the simple and kind gestures are those that…
restore our faith in humanity and make us hope for a better future.
On 8 December, the flight attendant, Fan Xuesong, he worked in flight from Zhengzhou to Hainan, in China. In the crowded hallway was the Mri. Niu, an old man 71 years of age, who had recently suffered a stroke.
Then, it was that the Fan decided to intervene. What he did to help an unknown man will move you.
“When I started to feed him his dinner, the old man began to cry,” said the flight attendant in an interview, as soon as the photos became viral.
The highly emotional pictures were taken from the rest of the passengers of the plane, who had moved equally, as stated in the tilestwra.
Before 2 years, the Mri. Niu, professor of pharmacy, had a powerful stroke, which left him partially paralyzed. Usually, the care of the wife, but I was able to sit next to each other during the flight.
Just at that moment the Fan has decided to take action and touched by the older man with her gesture. The Fan began to comfort him, when he saw, that he had burst into tears.
The process of feed of the Mri.Niu was not an easy case, as the stroke had affected his ability to chew and swallow. However, the courtesy, the patience and the kindness of the Fan facilitated the process. This act should serve as an example for all of us and to inspire us to be every day less selfish.