Border guards raise inaccessible shields with powerful anti-tank missiles TOW 2B Aero

Anti-tank defence on land borders and on the islands of the eastern Aegean will be even stronger. The reason is to acquire the upgraded powerful anti-tank TOW 2B Aero RF, as decided by the latter. At its last meeting the CYSEA approved, inter alia, the program of acquiring the state-of-the-art anti-tank missile technology in order to strengthen infantry units in the front line. The decision concerns the market for approximately 150 TOW systems 2B Aero RF (BGM-71F-3-RF), which had been approved for more than four years by the House’s equipment Special Standing Committee on Equipments and Contracts. And the programme may have a total cost not particularly high, which is estimated at around EUR 15 million, but it is particularly important. And that’s because it’s ejecting the operational capabilities of Anti-tank Company in Infantry Units. All lessons that come mainly from the war in Ukraine primarily, but also from the Gaza conflict, as in other war conflicts in recent years, refer to the decisive role of anti-tank weapons in ground operations. Whether it is a portable armament or a heavier anti-tank, which is fitted with herds or wheeled vehicles. The under acquisition TOW 2B Aero RF of American Raytheon Missiles and Defense are the upgraded version of anti-tank TOW 2B, which have very significant potential for their operational effectiveness on the battlefield. With ranges now reaching 4,500 meters, that is, outside the range of action of tanks even with 120 mm guns, they are a nightmare for each opponent’s steel chests. Whether it’s tanks or of course Armoured Battle Vehicles or any other armored vehicle. The anti-tank TOW 2B Aero RF rocket is wirelessly guided with an encrypted frequency, which cannot be detected so that the opponent progresses into interference and disoriented it. In addition, upgraded anti-tank missiles can be used with exceptional reliability and accuracy against floating targets, such as landing vessels. This makes them crucial for the defence of the islands of the eastern Aegean against any marine threat. Unlike the wired guidance of the previous version, the new rocket gives the operator much greater flexibility, especially in areas with obstacles, such as within forest areas or even urban tissue. In addition, TOW 2B Aero RF has a dual head, which multiplys the missile’s permeability even against targets with very strong shielding, while the fact that it is a fly over-shoot down rocket is another advantage, as it avoids the points of the targets with increased shielding. The Land Army already has about 360 upgraded TOW 2 launchers. They are transferred from the M901 ITV herbs to the twin M220 launchers and are used by both the Units of the Fourth Army Corps and the INDEN. Along with the Russian-built Kornets with a range of about 5 km, they are the most powerful anti-tank weapons available to the Land Army and the greatest threat along with the Hellfire of Apache helicopters that Turkish armored in the event of a collision. source: – Reportage: Costas Sarikas