BOMB: In the claws of justice George Papandreou’s? – Send sacks of money to NGOS for the Body!

Send black money from the public coffers with sacks of Papandreou in NGOS, Soros, who ran a “partner” of the Rondos!
The prosecutor’s office of corruption under the supervision of Helen Ράικου, conducted a preliminary examination, after which, criminal proceedings were brought for the crime of Infidelity in the service together, once and repeatedly, with the aggravating circumstance of the law on abusers of Public of which the harm that is caused to the detriment of the Public exceeds the amount of 150,000 euro, and it is especially of great value in weight of at the time that the Director-General ΥΔΑΣ, (Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign affairs) Director, A5 Directorate for Development Policy, Deputy Director-General ΥΔΑΣ and Secretary-General of International Economic Relations and Development Cooperation.
Copies of the case file will be forwarded to the Parliament for the investigation of any criminal responsibility in this period, Minister and Deputy minister of Foreign affairs.

The document of relations Ρόντου – Licht
It all started with the occasion document of the Directorate-General for Agency for International Development Cooperation,the Σεπτέμριο of 2015, the Ministry of Foreign affairs, which carries out audits on funding of Non-Governmental Organizations that took place in the past.
Immediately given by the εισγγελεα against Corruption mr Ράικου order for a Preliminary Examination of funding it received unlawfully branch in Serbia of the established on The.E.A. NGOS (think tank) with the name of “East West Institute” in the years 2001 and 2002.
From the investigation carried out showed that the επιαχη funding was in the amount of 900 thousand. US dollars intended to be disbursed in three annual tranches (2001-2003). Overall, disbursed in two tranches of eur 109 thousand. Dollars and 500 thousand dollars ) 609 mm. Dollars ,while during the year 2003 was attempted to be given to the NGOS and the rest of the “promised” 300 mm. usd.However , the relative Ministerial Decision ultimately was not signed, despite the recommendation of the service agents.
The delivery of funds, after the two version of pre-payment vouchers, was made in cash, through the Greek Diplomatic Authority in Serbia, which has undertaken to carry out the payments, ignoring essential elements for the financing.Source

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