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“BOMB”: a Return to the WAY if you don’t go to the 4th Memorandum provides for the…

of Theophrastus Ανδρεόπουλου
A return to a national currency sees the…
Budget office of the Member in the House with the quarterly report published today, if you don’t sign 4th Memorandum to meet the financing needs of the country from 2018 and after.
The budget office considers it very likely the country to be left without money from the program, and you will immediately get into the dilemma to negotiate a new hardest a memorandum of funding with the ESM if you don’t make it out to the markets to 2018, otherwise it will lead to the national currency.
Of course, the new U.S. ambassador to the European Union, Ted Μάλοχ (Ted Malloch), provides that the euro has 18 months of life, and the question is why to remain anyway the country in this
“How close are we to the return to a national currency? The euro is an incomplete currency. After 15 years of application and use, there is no doubt that those who argue that the political union must precede monetary were absolutely right. The issue is whether there can be political unification in Europe, where the History is always stronger than the economic, political and social interests. And the Story in Europe has been written with a lot of blood”
This is the reason why it opens again the talk of the Grexit. Because it is a currency that Greece is not in a position to maintain
The report of the Office reports
“The economic cost of delays and deferrals in the processes of assessment, i.e. a final agreement on the adjustment programme, may prove to be larger for Greece than the potential benefit, which in addition will prove to be temporary”.
As he says, “if it’s not confirmed the optimistic predictions of the Greek government and the European Commission, for growth of 2.7% (due to the multiple uncertainties) and will eventually occur rate of growth of 1% to 1.5% in 2017 (e.x. OECD: 1,3%, University of Athens – Intelligent Deep Analysis: 1,01%), in absolute terms it will mean, first of all, a loss of €2.2 to €3.1 billion. for the Greek economy only for the current year in relation to the target (constant prices 2010). The worst part is that the slowdown will spill over to other sizes, e.x. taxes. There is the threat of new, vicious circles, and a long-term stagnation”.
The report states that even if you shut down the second evaluation of the continued application of the third adjustment programme – Memorandum of
“First of all, it will take time for the full implementation of the legislative measures that have already been taken to close the second assessment and any loose ends that will be transferred to the next stage.
– Secondly, immediately following the second, the third evaluation of progress, that if you interpret the Memorandum of the letter, and after the delays of the past will end in chock-a short period of time.
This is likely to mean that the politician time for the closing of the third assessment will clearly be more limited in relation to the political time of the previous two evaluations.
We hope that even if you delayed the third rating is not the same thing will happen with the disbursement of the instalments in order to cover the gross financing needs of the country, 2017 (a) to d quarter) will amount to € 16.2 billion. – if all goes well. Only the 2018 financial needs will be smaller (about € 5.2 billion.) and, therefore, less dependence on transnational loans” it is noted.
According to the Budget Office of the Parliament, the financial needs may be greater if you do not achieve various objectives of the program as are the proceeds from privatization to 2017 (€ 2,044 billion.) and the reduction of the debts of private individuals to the State.
“Greece after 2018 will need loans to cover the financial needs of the subsequent period otherwise led to discontinuation of service of its obligations. These can be found either from the markets, where it has managed to come out to them, either from the ESM. And this fact is a field that makes it difficult and closing of assessment due to the different approaches between the IMF, EH.E and the Greek government.
Obviously, a new request 2018 for a loan from the ESM will be accompanied in accordance with the rules of a new, fourth Memorandum
But the difficulties of approval of a new programme by the partners are under significant political pressure makes it risky conditions that will accompany it.
If there is no agreement with the ESM (which, incidentally, is a intergovernmental body and not a body of the European Commission) or funding through output markets, then the bankruptcy will be inevitable, with the probable consequence of the exit from the Euro.”
There have already been warning shots, gathered together for the last time make a clear reference to a return to the national currency.
With the title “The whispers of Grexit start again,” the magazine Politico attempts to beat the government SYRIZA-ANEL referred to the two years of governance.
A few days after the prediction for a return to the drachma by the summer of the british consulting company on economic analysis at Capital Economics came to the well-known journalist and author Paul Mason to declare with a tweet posted to his personal account that “the German elite are prepared to impose the Grexit in July”
But the issue of the return to national currency is something that we’ll think about it anyway, because: THE EU is an edifice that is crumbling with τάχιστους rates and has to offer something really in countries such as Greece, the one who wins is the “official” executor of Germany.
On February 6, “raffled off” for the IMF! Then we will see if the desire of the Greek government and the Greek society in general) to come out of the Fund of the Greek loan programme is implemented in practice, as well as in the meeting of 06/02 will be placed on the issue for the first time the representative of the new American president.Trump!
But all of them may now have little relevance, since in an interview he gave to the BBC Radio4 the other day the new U.S. ambassador to the European Union, Ted Μάλοχ (Ted Malloch), provides that the euro has 18 months of life!
See the questions and the answers:
Question: do you See positive a trade deal with the EU?
Answer: No, of course not, since in the near future there will be no European Union as we know it today. Trade deals individually with countries that today are members of can be made.
Commenting after, the reporter who did the interview, he said that the ambassador made it clear that in 18 months there will be the Euro as their currency.
Ted Μάλοχ a straight answer to the reporter that the euro could collapse in a year and a half.

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