Bob Menendez: New charges for Senator – Accused of obstructing investigation

In new trouble comes the “philhellene” , as it became known in addition to charges of illegal dealings and corruption now faces the charge of obstruction of justice investigation. Senator Bob Menendez is now weighing a total of 16 charges, in particular on corruption, exercising unfair influence over unfair exchange on behalf of Qatar and Egypt, as well as for allegedly acting as a “agent”, a defender of interests of the Egyptian government. When the case came to light, the Senator was accused of taking along with his wife from 2018 to 2022 bribes of “hundred thousand dollars”, in cash and gold, in exchange for exercising his influence in order to “protect and enrich” three businessmen in New Jersey and to support the Egyptian government. The seventh politician, who has so far pleaded not guilty, has no reaction to the urges from his party to resign. However, he abandoned in late 2023 the presidency of the powerful Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. The indictment of the new charge in a Manhattan federal court was recorded as one of the three businessmen who are also facing prosecutions confessed his guilt to part of the indictment. When he contacted him to request a comment from the French Agency, Mr. Menendez did not respond immediately. The trial of the son of Cuban immigrants, a veteran of American politics, is expected to begin on May 6.