BLOCKS IN CTE concreting of land 25 acres. THE ACADEMY PLATONOS

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    (Title) Blocks the Council of State to oikopedopoiisi the property of 25 acres tucked wedge at the archaeological site of the Academy of Plato.

    The judges considered illegal in P . D. Environment Ministry that lights the green light to build, and with a high rate of construction of epimaxou property located in a single set of three blocks at the Academy of Plato.

    since 1986 operations amendments to the urban plan of Athens decided the expropriation of property for the creation of public spaces, particularly pressurized sports and church. Owners were asked to remove the expropriation of urban fabric, but for many years the responsible government institutions not responding to their demand, so the 2005 Athens Administrative Court to annul the implicit refusal of the administration to remove the street charges. Then the Council Housing Planning and Environment (SCHOP) and after the City of Athens refused to comment, issued an opinion which was adopted by Presidential Decree and authorizes the building.

    However, in practical treatment of PD, the judges stressed that the question ignores advice if there are any planning needs dictate epanepivoli street layout of the disputed charges, nor do this issue for although it is possible to move the relevant expropriation. And all this despite the fact that the administration knew it had budgeted for this purpose appropriations in the budget of the Municipality of Athens for 2008 of EUR 3.9 million.

    In addition, members of E Division note that non-inclusion in the government document C Inspectorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of Athens (06/29/2009), which in view of the proximity of the properties in question whether declared archaeological site considered to be good to avoid those oikopedopoiisi building blocks, 25 surface acres. This should be taken not only to determine whether appropriate or not to release the property but also to the determination of building, of which the PD down to the same high, mainly in the rate of construction, flat on the neighboring properties.

    noted that the 56 blocks surrounding the area where he taught Plato has been suspended for one year the issuance of building permits while there is a strong business case.

    By another decision the Council of State also considered illegal and PD to eliminate expropriation block the City of Attica, Artemis has been designated parking on the grounds that it was aware that the property is located 500 meters from the sea, a municipality during the summer, receives a large number of visitors and car.

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    This is part 2 of 2 of Professor Griff’s interview on Barack Obama and the New World Order at Nubian Bookstore in Morrow, Georgia.

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